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Government simplified. Renew your vehicle in a flash.

To pay your property taxes online please follow this link  You must have your tax statement to use the online service.

Announcement: 2290 Heavy Fuel use forms are due by Aug 31st. They can be processed online or by paper.  Contact the Treasurer's Office to obtain paper copies. If you file online, you will be emailed a stamped copy that you can forward to the Treasurer's Office to keep on file for your January / February renewals. If you file by mail, you'll receive a stamped copy in the mail that also needs to be brought to the Treasurer's Office or retained for renewals.

Driver's License Information: New driver's licenses must be obtained through the Thomas County DMV at 990 S. Range, #3, Colby (785-462-3620).  The Cheyenne County Treasurer's office offers limited driver's license and ID card services.  The office can renew and replace Kansas driver's licenses, process applicants with driver education slips, and renew, replace and issue new ID cards.

Limited service stations are prohibited from processing:

  • Concealed Carry Licenses
  • Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL)
  • Applicants with Registered Offender Status

These types of transactions must be handled in a full service station


The Sheriff's Office will do vehicle inspections on Tue, Wed, and Thurs. from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  If you can not come in during these hours please call to make an appointment. 785-332-8880



Cheyenne County Treasurer's Office

The role of a county treasurer is to collect and account for county funds raised through property taxes and motor vehicles registration. The county treasurer's office also administers and distributes vehicle registration for the county, among other responsibilities.